Soft Tissue Mobilization, Therapeutic Touch

 When trauma occurs, either major trauma, or repeated microtrauma, inflammation sets in.  The inflammation leads to fibrous tissue formation (scar tissue) in the muscle, between the muscles and between the layers of connective tissue.   This technique relaxes muscles, and lengthens fascia. 
A great treatment for relief of tennis and golf elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and other musculoskeletal disorders.

Mind-Body Therapy.  Using the power of thought and emotions to positively influence physical heath.  Mind-Body Therapy "trains" the mind to focus on the body without distraction.  It is in this state of focused concentration that you are able to over-ride sensitivity to pain and discomfort.  We teach this to our patients and then reinforcement is provided with follow-up and home exercises.

Acupuncture Needling and Cupping
Acupuncture is a technique of increasing circulation, relieving pain and relaxing the pain pathway. We offer acupuncture for arthritis, especially osteoarthritis and pain-related conditions - including migraine headaches, low back pain and joint conditions.  We use acupuncture on the ear for quelling addictions. Cupping is a technique of applying suction over selected points or zones in the body further decreasing the nervous system firing with pain signals. These combined therapies are used in the treatment of pain, arthritis, inflammation, strains and sprains.

Anti-Inflammatory Therapies.

1. Natural remedies for reducing the inflammation and the pain. 

2. Natural arthritis supplements to aide your body in increasing joint lubrication and rebuild joint cartilage.

3. Diet is KEY.  The first essential factor in the treatment is managing your diet.   We provide diet recommendations that are specifically tailored to your body's needs.

4.  Exercises,  Keep MOVING. This is one of the important elements in the treatment for increasing endurance and flexibility, building strong joints and muscle, preventing stiffness and reducing pain.  We provide helpful instruction to KEEP YOU MOVING!

Our Services and Treatments

Medication Detox Therapy

Drug detoxification is both physical and mental. We provide an individualized treatment plan for patients who desire to detox from pain medication.

Outpatient detoxification has the advantage of being less disruptive to the patient's life and less expensive than overnight admitted programs.  Schedule a consultation with our physician to find out if this program is right for you.

The NATURAL PAIN AND FATIGUE RELIEF CENTER offers specific treatments that target the 'cause' of pain.  Chronic pain leads to chronic fatigue and ultimately progressive decline.  Our treatment protocols are physician guided to assure OPTIMAL RESULTS.

We Offer:

  • Anti-inflammatory Therapies
  • IV Nutrient Therapy
  • Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Regenerative Injection Therapy
  • Mind-Body Therapy
  • Medication Detox Therapy


Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT)
RIT is composed of various forms of injection therapy.  Prolotherapy, Prolozone, Protein Rich Plasma (PRP), and stem cell therapy.  These treatments are recognized nonsurgical procedures that stimulate the body's natural healing processes to strengthen joints weakened by trauma or arthritis.  Joints weakened when ligaments and tendons are stretched, torn, or fragmented.  These tissues then become hypermobile and painful.  Regenerative Injection Therapy is an effective treatment that can prevent the need for prescription medication, steroid injections and especially surgery. 

IV Nutrient Therapy.

IV Nutrition Therapy bypasses the stomach and the digestive system entirely, so there are none of the issues of non-absorption of nutrients, or gastric distress that can be associated with the oral supplementation of vitamins and minerals.

We provide 2 very effective IV therapies.

   The Energy Cocktail, has been shown to be effective in helping reduce the symptoms of chronic fatigue, and conditions such as Fibromyalgia, pain associated with many forms of arthritis and those suffering from respiratory ailments, have also seen an ease of symptoms after being administered a Myers Cocktail.

The Pain Relief Cocktail, the 'Anti-Inflammatory remedy.' This IV Nutrition formulation is most effective when used to control inflammation, boost the immune function, and for detoxification.  Getting the body 'clean and pure' is a set up for improved total body function!

The Natural Pain and Fatigue Relief Center 

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